The Missing Middle Housing Typologies Perth

The Missing Middle Housing: What is Going Wrong in Perth

If Henry Ford canvassed people on whether or not he should build a motor car, they'd probably have told him what they really wanted was a faster horse. Whether we are car designers, architects or town planners we have to be more adept at knowing what target markets really need.

It would appear that Western Australia has long been trying to balance the needs of housing affordability and the influence of the building industry against creating delightful places where people want to live.

Perth’s missing middle housing isn't quite ‘missing,’ Our mum and dad developers are busy creating grouped dwelling developments, creating complex internal road networks to whet the appetite of our apparent obsession with having two car side by side garages with direct access to the dwelling.

The piecemeal development we are approving today is prejudicing future development opportunities allowing incompatible infill through often clunky planning controls which are fixated upon deemed to comply outcomes.

We use the term ‘developer’ loosely when describing property investors who buy a quarter acre lot, gives a builder a deposit to design and quote an off the shelf grouped dwelling design and then prices the project to allow a small margin for the landowner.

The skills required and the margins expected are so small, that sophisticated developers will not enter the market as the projected margins required cannot be met.

In this blog, we critique these developments in order to better understand how planning controls need to be changed to force better built-form outcomes.

Missing Middle Housing Perth, Case Study One
Missing Middle Housing Perth, Case Study One
Missing Middle Housing Perth, Case Study Two
Missing Middle Housing Perth, Case Study Two
Missing Middle Housing Perth, Case Study Three
Missing Middle Housing Perth, Case Study Three



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