Development Assessment Panel Changes

Proposed Changes to DAP System Announced

Planning Minister Donna Faragher today announced a number of changes to the Development Assessment Panel (DAP) system. "These changes are primarily administrative and will ensure the system remains flexible and responsive, while more clearly communicating DAP decisions to the public," she said.

A summary of the proposed changes are summarised as follows:


Local governments will be required to proactively contact each person who has provided a written submission in relation to a DAP application, to inform them of when the meeting will take place.


DAP agendas will be published at least seven days before a meeting - instead of the current five days.

  More information will be available around reasons for decisions.
  Responsible authority reports to include more information about why decisions can be made, to ensure that the decision-making process is clearly communicated and can be better understood.
Opt-Out Provide an option to opt-out of a DAP in favour of a local government for developments.
DAP Members

Empower the Minister for Planning to remove DAP members who do not undertake the appropriate DAP training.


DAP members and local governments to be provided with more governance support, where required.


DAP presiding members will be able to intervene in the 'stop-the-clock' process if parties disagree about the level of information that has been provided for an application.


The maximum term of office for DAP members can be extended if a vacancy is waiting to be filled.


Add a reference to the DAP regulations that all Form 2 minor amendment meetings should be open to the public.


Provide proponents with the option to choose between a local government or a DAP when requesting an amendment to a minor aspect of an existing development approval (Form 2). 

Fees Changes to the DAP fee structure are proposed.


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