Aged and dependant persons dwellings

Proposed R-Codes Changes to Aged and Dependent Persons Dwellings

THE WA Planning Commission (WAPC) has released proposed amendments to the state’s Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) lowering the minimum yield requirement to access the 1/3 density bonus from five (5) dwellings to two (2) dwellings applicable to Aged** or Dependant Persons*** dwellings.

All this type of dwellings is restricted to a plot ratio area* of 100m2, previously un-subdivisible sites will now have development potential. For example, the proposed changes would hypothetically permit a 400m2 R30 site to be subdivided into two lots or developed with two single or grouped dwellings. The limit of 100m2 placed on the size of habitable areas generally made application of this provision unfeasible at R-Codings below R30, however, R30 and above zoned sites, in combination with the 2013 reduction in average lots sizes, will hopefully trigger greater use of R-Codes Clause 5.5.2 by developers.

The proposed change will allow for greater flexibility in larger grouped dwelling development sites where there may an excess in the average lot area created. Removing a single dwelling and replacing it with two aged or dependent dwellings might improve the feasibility of a development.

A summary of minimum lots areas and zonings are found in the table below:

Minimum lot areas required to apply 1/3 density bonus for 100m2 Plot ratio aged dependent persons dwellings.
R-Code  2 lot 3 lot 4 lot
R30 400m2 600m2 800m2
R35 347m2 520m2 694m2
R40 294m2 440m2 587m2
R50 240m2 360m2 480m2
R60 200m2 300m2 400m2









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To view all the proposed changes and make a submission please visit the Department of Planning website.


*Plot Ratio Area is defined as "the gross total area of all floors of buildings on a development site, including the area of any internal and external walls but not including:

• the areas of any lift shafts;

• stairs or stair landings common to two or more dwellings;

• machinery, air conditioning and equipment rooms;

• space that is wholly below natural ground level;

• areas used exclusively for the parking of wheeled vehicles at or below natural ground level;


• lobbies, bin storage areas, passageways to bin storage areas or amenities areas common to more than one dwelling; or

• balconies, eaves, verandahs, courtyards and roof terraces."


**Aged person is defined as "a person who is aged 55 years or over."


***Dependant person is defined as "a person with a recognised form of disability requiring special accommodation for independent living or special care."


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