Department of Planning Launches PlanWA Mapping Tool

The Department of Planning has recently launched a public mapping tool that provides ready access to planning data across Western Australia. The introduction of such as a system has been long awaited and helps to fill an online mapping 'black hole' created by approximately 100 WA local governments by not publicly providing online mapping tools. The introduction of this mapping tool will hopefully free up Local and State government planning staff time as a result of frequently responding to basic zoning inquiries. 

The information available through this tool is not simply limited to providing the r-code & zoning of a site, it is also providing direct links to local planning policies and the applicable planning Scheme, all structure plans prepared after October 2015 as well as a range of other tools and information.

The data available is made possible through the 'Western Australian Whole of Government Open Data Policy and Shared Location Information Platform.'

To make us of this planning tools please following these links:

Plan WA Home Page

Plan WA FAQ's

PlanWA Ellenbrook
PlanWA Ellenbrook

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