Subdivision and Urban Design

Subdivision & Urban Design

Subdivision and urban design involve the preparation of master plans, structure plans, plans of development, and the associated town planning framework.

Effective service involves the analysis of design concepts and site constraints to ensure that a project applies good urban design principles in achieving an excellent, high-yielding site responsive design outcome.

Our experience in subdivision design and the preparation of subdivision proposal plans results in high quality, well-designed subdivision layouts that successfully integrate good urban design principles with an efficient and practical layout.


Land Assembly & Amalgamation

The primary stakeholder in any development is the developer or land owner who has identified an opportunity for development. The increasing constraints we now face in developing land in an around Perth is we have developed all the large easy sites and developers are having to roll up their sleeves and do some hard work talking to individual landowners to put together sites. Town Planning consultants generally are situated at the coal face and are aware of upcoming changes before most other industry professionals are. Hemsley Planning is well placed to identify upcoming sites and the potential for the amalgamation of sites scheduled for rezoning. We enjoy working relationships with a range of private land developers, each with different investment criteria and risk appetite. We are assisting in identifying and corralling landowners in putting together development sites.

Peer reviews

Undertaking a peer review for a client as an independent third party is helpful in providing an objective opinion and reviewing a subdivision design layout from a different perspective. The process often refines the good work of another town planning consultant in suggesting either reducing road lengths required to be constructed making the road network more efficient or simply having a greater understanding of what lot sizes and dimensions are selling more easily in a certain area. Peer reviews are a health part of the subdivision design process which will most often result in greater margins through reduced development costs.

Brownfields Sites & Infill Development

Perth's land development scene is focusing more on the redevelopment of existing sites which have either been used historically for industrial uses or have possibly remained vacant as a result of previously unfeasible development constraints. Comprehensive due diligence undertaken prior to exercising an option to purchase these types of sites is crucial and should involve concept subdivision design to accurately determine the total lot yield. As these sites are often at risk of contamination, using a qualified town planning consultant will be able to advise the client on other consultant advice which should be sought prior to executing a purchase agreement or negotiating the terms of a joint venture.

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