Rural Planning

Rural Town Planning

Rural Planning is a complex part of the Western Australian planning system as a result of legislative changes to bushfire risk mitigation and the need to protect rural resources such as visual amenity and arable farmland.  Hemsley Planning has significant experience in the design of rural-residential, special rural, landscape and rural living subdivisions and development balancing the competing demands of various planning policies.

Our directors have assisted landowners and developers in preparing scheme amendments and rezoning proposals, as well as designing large and small rural subdivisions.  As town planning consultants, we have also acted as advocates in successfully seeking modifications to local planning strategies, local rural strategies and local structure plans to enable rural subdivision for its clients. 

Our expertise in rural town planning extends to critical parts of the rural planning process, including:

  • Subdivision;
  • Land Capability Assessment;
  • Visual Resource Analysis and Visual Impact Assessment;
  • Bushfire Management (including the preparation of bushfire management plans); and
  • Landscape Analysis and Protection.

We maintain excellent relationships with key local authorities; both on the rural-urban fringe as well as regional areas.

Hemsley Planning has been actively involved in the development of many rural subdivisions – from design, construction and through to the creation of new titles.  Our intimate knowledge of developing rural subdivision is critical to minimising construction costs, as well as minimising bushfire risk.

As expert town planning consultants in the rural planning process, Hemsley Planning can assist both individual landowners and institutional developers plan rural subdivisions with confidence and professionalism.

Rural Subdivision

Hemsley Planning has the experience and expertise to prepare and provide advice for rural subdivisions. We are committed to creating efficient design outcomes whilst producing great results for our clients. Our knowledge of local and state planning framework ensures that the development configuration is efficiently serviced and produces a high lot yield.

Typically we stage our services as follows:

Planning Investigation & Site Visit

  • Undertake site analysis;

  • Review certificate of title;

  • Liaise with WAPC/Local Government planning department;

  • Research town planning framework that will shape development;

  • Research similar development approvals in the area;

  • Identify opportunities and threats; 

  • Predict potential yield; and

  • Prepare concept subdivision designs.

At this juncture, our advice will guide the client will decide on whether to proceed with preparing an application for subdivision.

Pre-Lodgement Tasks

  • Provide instruction to land surveyor undertaking feature survey as required;
  • Draft plan of subdivision;
  • Prepare detailed report;
  • Liaise with and appoint additional consultants as required; and
  • Collate documentation for lodgement with WA Planning Commission.

Post-Lodgement Tasks

After the application is lodged with the WAPC, a decision is generally made within 90 days. The first 42 days is allocated to referrals to the Local Government and all other relevant government departments. We monitor the status of referrals via an online portal. During this period, intervention is often required by the to ensure an appropriate outcome for our client. 

  • Monitor progress of the application;
  • Liaise with the WAPC and/or Council’s staff, attend meetings as required and prepare any additional information as required; and
  • Prepare responses to matters raised where required.

Approval Received

In most instances, an approval is received within 90 days. When the application has been determined, we assess conditions of approval and provide advice to the client accordingly.

Additional Services

Land Capability Assessments

Visual Resource Analysis & Visual Impact Assessment

Bushfire Management

Landscape Analysis & Protection


Project Experience

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