Planning Intelligence

Town Planning Intelligence

Hemsley Planning is of the belief that there is an opportunity to strengthen the financial advice provided to clients of private wealth managers to benefit their land holdings. The asset class which financial advisors can least guide and influence. We use our expertise to provide proactive and individually-tailored town planning consulting based on a firm understanding of commercial realities and the financial impacts of zoning changes.

The benefit to our clients any prospective clients wanting to participate in our town planning intelligence service is that Hemsley Planning can act as the ‘eyes and ears’ identifying alerting you your advisor to town planning changes and opportunities to increase or protect property interests of clients. Our clients are proposed to be assisted in two ways: 

1.     Act as the ‘preferred’ town planning partner; and

2.     Establish a private and confidential database of our client’s property assets.

Town Planning for Individual Landowners

Town Planning is both a technical and political process concerned with the development and use of land, protection and use of the environment. To successfully influence decisions at the initial strategic planning phase a combination of both technical expertise and unified representation is required.

Hemsley Planning is working with private landowners, advocating to protect property asset values and creating opportunities. By proactively involving themselves on behalf of clients in the town planning process they are able to guide the constantly changing planning framework to ensure future benefit to property owners.

Current Town Planning Direction & Framework

The WA State Government’s Department of Planning has predicted that the Perth and Peel region will have a population of 3.5m by 2050 (100,00 p.a.). In accommodating this population growth, a density target requiring 47% of new dwellings to be infill development to make more efficient use of infrastructure and high-amenity areas. Local Governments are being forced to meet individual targets working by with stakeholders and communities to create boundaries for increased densities.

How Town Planning Framework is Developed

Specific town planning controls are created to implement State Government strategies and their targets. The flow chart below illustrates the process of developing town planning framework. As each stage becomes more specific, it becomes harder to influence or ‘unwind’ as it progresses.


Figure 1. The process of developing planning framework

Influencing Outcomes

To successfully object to, or influence the development of local planning outcomes, early intervention is required at the local town planning strategy phase. This is key to protecting future interests and creating generational wealth. Community participation in the preparation of town planning framework is all too often dominated by a community’s reactive vocal minority and opposition to a perceived threat. Whilst the objector’s concerns are often valid, they are based on a lack of understanding of the greater good and the technical logic used to prepare local planning strategies. The silent majority rarely advocate for common sense outcomes which can secure future development potential.

Figure 2. The spatial evolution of planning framework becomes more rigid and specific as strategy becomes statute. Early & active participation can guide planning framework to benefit individual land owners.

Central Sub-Regional Planning Framework (State Strategy) > Local Planning Strategy > Local Planning Scheme. 

Planning Intelligence

As part of the service provided to existing clients, Hemsley Planning adopts a systematic approach to understand and identify how the constantly evolving WA planning framework affects private land holdings. Our system is a confidential database plotting individual land holdings and other specific information onto a map for ongoing analysis and interrogation.

The figure below demonstrates that through identifying groups of landowners, we are able to create proactive opportunities to exert greater influence and guide town planning framework to positively benefit our clients. Having another set of eyes looking out for your property interests increases the chances of time-critical opportunities being identified and identifying specific scheme amendments which may ensure immediate uplift.

Figure 3. Current Town Planning Scheme       >       Planning Intelligence        >       Draft Mosman Park Scheme